Sustainable organic farming with passion.


Our extensive organic agriculture

in the Salzkammergut


What Biohof Jochwand is all about

Biohof Jochwand

Running an agricultural business in line with extensive organic criteria is near and dear to our hearts. We deeply appreciated the countless mountain farms and small farmers running their businesses with tireless idealism, defying challenges and obstacles, standing for sustainability, naturalness and regionality. Our farm is dedicated to precisely these fields. Maintaining biodiversity, breeding old farm animal species and regional value creation play a key role for us. We run our Biohof Jochwand in Bad Goisern with passion. We’ll gladly share our extensive agricultural approach with you.


Fresh every day

for a passion for farming with a main focus on sustainability.


Who we are

Organic farm with history

Biohof Jochwand was established following the amalgamation of the Koglschilcher-Sacherl and the adjacent Brenner-Sacherl in Bad Goisern. We are able to operate our organic farm in Austria on this beautiful piece of land in the Salzkammergut. Farm life has always been a part of our lives. Johanna grew up on her parents’ small farm in Bad Goisern from the age of five and helped out diligently. Eric’s grandad in France owned a small farm with sheep, chickens and winegrowing. Together with our children Elena and Elisa, who already carry out some smaller tasks with enthusiasm, we dedicate ourselves to naturalness and the preservation of old, highly endangered farm animal species


Where circular economy and agriculture meet

Naturalness with tradition

We’ve always wanted to farm in a manner that is resource-saving and in tune with nature, in the constant balance of the circle of nature. Our animals are robust and adaptable, and thus perfectly suited to their mountainous home. Highly endangered and invaluable species from Tux-Zillertal cattle to Sulmtaler chickens to the Carnica honeybee stand for the diversity of the land. Time-honoured types of fruit and wild shrubs refine the harvests and support the operational cycle.


Regional delights

from the farm

Another key aspect of our extensive organic agriculture is the direct marketing of our products. The various products are available at a range of regional partners and in our own online shop. All regionally produced food – including organic meat from suckler cow husbandry and from free-range pigs, bee products, fruit and syrups, and treat boxes – impress customers with their high-grade quality and are manufactured in line with nature. And exactly that can be tasted with every sip, with every bite.

If you’d like to find out more about our Biohof, our ideas and our products, simply get in touch with us directly! We’d be delighted if we could warm your heart to our sustainable, extensive, organic farm in the heart of the Salzkammergut.